Senior Social Entrepreneurship

This project provides guidance and information materials that raise the awareness about the importance of social enterprises and will motivate senior citizens to enter the path to social entrepreneurship. Topics covered in the project are:

  • Developing a social enterprise is an exciting and active process. It involves a lot of hard work but can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience
  • Especially in the social economy, women find a large number of business opportunities. It is therefore important to empower them to become woman entrepreneurs
  • Like any business entrepreneur, social entrepreneurs also find gaps and create a venture to serve the un-served “markets”.
  • The primary difference between the business and the social entrepreneurs is while the business entrepreneurs’ efforts focus on earning profits, the social entrepreneurs’ purpose is to create social change.
  • Profitability, not ‘profit-making’, is important for the social entrepreneur. Being ‘profitable’ helps self-sustainability of the venture.

The ProjectsResource Pack with its awareness raising materials is an innovative answer to the growing role of social enterprises, where it intends to make senior citizens interested and motivated to act as social entrepreneurs.

Project Duration: September 2019 until August 2021