CVEK is an independent non-governmental organisation that strives to contribute to building a more just and cohesive society through research, analytical and educational activities. Common mission is to make a systematic effort aimed at creating an environment in which every person has every right to feel like a valuable and respected human being.

The activities of CVEK focus particularly on ethnic, language and religious minorities. CVEK specialises in promoting inclusion of marginalised population groups, be it the Roma, migrants or other minorities. Thematically, CVEK places emphasis especially on education, housing, social status, interethnic relations and political participation.

Some realized projects: Everyone should have a chance!, Encouraging Municipality Stakeholders’s Engagement in Promoting Refugee Integration and Diversity, Intercultural Guide to the Life in Slovakia, StrongLab – Towards Stronger Labour Inspection Cooperation, You also have a chance! They also published a report POSSIBILITIES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN THE PREVENTION OF RADICALIZATION – the Norwegian good practices.

  • Problems identified
    The role of local governments in the prevention of radicalization.
  • Solutions applied
    Research in Norway
  • Results achieved
    Identified collection of good practices from Norway: radicalisation as a result of social exclusion, empowerment dialogue, dialogue forum for youth, orientation of the police – from repression to prevention, etc.

More information about the good practice is available as a downloadable pdf in Slovak language.

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