The objective of this Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership is to identify and document evidence-based approaches, initiatives, programmes and methods. The main concern of this project is to provide the various stakeholders with appropriate concepts and a set of tools, specifically tailored to their needs when working with young people at risk. The partnership will:

  • provide vocational teachers and counsellors with best practice examples about effective tools and suitable methods, in order to help them do their work better.
  • make youth and vocational counselling services more attractive and will contribute to deradicalisation.
  • counteract the negative effects of alienation that occurs frequently to adolescents and which often prepares the path to join groups with extreme ideologies.
  • encourage young people to think critically about extremist messages.

During Covid-19 lockdown, violent extremists and terrorists have been buys below-the-radar. In video game chat rooms, YouTube and other online settings they found their targets. Young, vulnerable people pulled into the darker recesses of the web and exposed to hateful and appalling content. This video of the Radicalisation Awareness Network explains why and what we can do against it!

Erasmus + Logo and Project number: 2019-1-AT01-KA202-051182