The partnership consists of four European companies, initiatives and institutes that have been selected for this project, based on the needs and on matching of abilities, that were identified as crucial for the successful implantation of the project and for the delivery of high-quality outcomes.


WIN Science Initiative Lower Austria /
WIN Wissenschaftsinitiative Niederösterreich
Dr. Wolfgang Eisenreich, President
Kreuttal 6, A-2112 Würnitz, Austria

WIN was founded 1990 as a non-profit association for interdisciplinary, research, consulting, and education. Its main activities have been in the field of adult education and labour market related research. Since 1991 WIN has become active in European projects, especially in managing and coordinating scientific cooperation in European research and education programmes. WIN is registered member of various European research organisations, e.g. at the European Training Village (CEDEFOP), Euroscience and the European Association of Vocational Training Providers. With some 20 experts, lecturers and trainers who cover the various working fields, WIN is managing and coordinating scientific cooperation and educational projects in European research and education programmes.


Dr. Wolfgang Kniejski, Managing Director
Engelmühlenweg 1a
64367 Mühltal, Germany

INI-Novation GmbH is an international business consulting company with a focus on innovation management and technology commercialization. The company has a wide partnership network of venture capitalists, technology, market, and licensing and entrepreneurship experts, which opens a great opportunity to provide our partners and clients with experiences for expansion of their business activities into other countries.

INTEGRA Human Development Institute
Mrs. Sonja Bercko Eisenreich, Director
Prešernova 8
3320 Velenje, Slovenia

The non-profit organisation provides seminars, courses and workshops for education and training in relation to the workplace and to society. Additionally, INTEGRA offers consulting and research in these fields, to support the countries of the West Balkan. Main focus is put on training of social competences, teambuilding and balance of competences, learning by contrasts (diversity & gender), labour market related subjects such as job coaching, and train-the-trainer programs.

Non-profit association for qualification and education
Dr. Jana Butekova, Project Manager
Studenhorska 39, 84103 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The non-profit organization deals with education of wide range groups of people. In their opinion the schooling system in Slovakia is neither effective nor complex, therefore they are trying to enrich the educational system by making it more practical. Moreover, QUALED would like to overcome the public opinion about learning and qualification process being too painful, impractical, and mandatory. With QUALED makes learning become voluntary, interesting, enjoyable, and utilizable.