META – Minorities Education Through the Arts

Children come to school as integrated people with thoughts and feelings, words and pictures, ideas and fantasies. They are intensely curious about the world. The challenge teachers face, is to encourage them to access the fullest possible range of mental abilities.

The META project is based on the idea that arts improve students’ motivation, concentration, confidence, teamwork, cognitive ability, critical thinking, verbal skills, among other key competences. In other words, the use of arts in the class is closely related to students’ academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, equitable opportunities of inclusion not only in the classroom but in Society as a whole. 

META therefore aims at providing an in-depth knowledge of effective methodologies and tools that use different art forms to reduce disparities in learning effecting pre-primary and primary students from minorities groups including Roma and developing an innovative and collaborative teaching and learning methodology for European teachers  that will contribute to social cohesion, European citizenship social economic inclusion and economic growth.

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