The school psychology platform is a project from the Ministry of Education It offers help, advice and counselling of every school psychological kind for pupils, students and young population in general, as well as for teachers and adults working with the aforementioned groups.


Students who come into contact with destructive ideologies and attitudes such as right-wing extremism, Islamism or anti-Semitism represent a great challenge for many teachers. It is indisputable that all extremist tendencies must be resolutely opposed. This is done continuously and in the long term through pedagogical prevention work.

However, if students are willing to follow destructive ideologies temporarily, pedagogical approaches are often not sufficient and a well-coordinated approach is needed by teachers and school management, involving school psychologists and other subject experts.

The portal offers information about violance prevention, especially the Austrian national strategy against violence, extremism, mobbing, sexual violence and also about prevention programmes and prevention projects. It also lists information and support services for schools.

More information is available in German language.

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