Training Programme for Teachers

The programme “Successful integration of immigrant children” (UVOP) includes also training programmes for professional staff and teachers in educational institutions. The aim of it is to ensure the proper training of professional workers who are in contact with immigrant children and the training of professional workers – multipliers for working with professional staff of educational institutions, which include children immigrants.  

Training work on teacher’s sensitization with aim to make them more empathic to be able to develop a supportive environment. It also helps them to develop inadequate competencies in the field of leadership and the establishment of multicultural dialogue to be able to operate in difficult situation and prevent conflicts, which come from international tensions.  The programme also focus on immigrants’ ability to overcome learning difficulties due to insufficient knowledge of the language and the differences between family culture and culture of the environment. Programme of training is described below:

Presentation for the Teacher Collective “Expert Basis for Integrating Children of Immigrants at the National Level”

  • The multipliers inform teachers in the partners institutional about the strategy for the Integration of Children, Students and Students of Migrants into the System of Education in the Republic of Slovenia (May 2007) and the Guidelines for the Integration of Children of Immigrants in Kindergartens and Schools (Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia, 2012).

Presentations for teachers “UVOP Program and Implementation Guidelines”

  • Multipliers provide teachers and other professional staff with the content and materials for the successful implementation of the UVOP program. Regional multiplier is supported by professional coordinator in the continuation of the implementation of the UVOP program.

Workshops for the development of professional competences of multiculturalism and the strengthening of linguistic abilities among school professionals and pupils

  • Multipliers s carry out workshops for teachers and other employees on the topic of developing the competences of interculturality.        

Hours for observations

  • Multipliers provide “sample” hours, where they demonstrate how to work with children immigrants (for example lesson of teaching Slovene as a second language and learning assistance in other subject areas) with final analysis.

Workshop “Teaching Slovene as a Second Language”

  • Multipliers present didactic specifics of teaching Slovene as a second language and encourage l teachers to learn basic phrases and words in language of immigrant children. They present them visual materials, which can be used in the field of speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Training for “Early class”

  • Multipliers carry out sample hours for teachers for the implementation of “Early class programme”.  

Presentation for teachers »Didactic adjustments in educational activities – preparation of an individual program “

  • Multiplications present guidelines for didactic adaptation. On the basis of the individual capacities and needs of the child, teachers work together with a multiplier in the preparation of an individual program to monitor children’s progress in the learning and social field (inclusion in the department, at school). Guidelines include methodical adaptations for teaching, modification of methods and suggested deadlines and ways for assessment.

Activities to promote cooperation with the local community “The local environment can help integrate children of immigrants and their parents”

  • Multipliers present opportunities for professionals in activities to accelerate the integration of migrant children and their families into the new environment through cooperation with other educational and social institutions and non-governmental organizations.  

Regional training of professionals for the implementation of the UVOP program

  • Multipliers, in cooperation with a professional coordinator and other experts, carry out one-day (8 hours) regional training for primary and secondary school teachers in 8 regions. Regional training will be based on specific needs of the school in the region.

During project they organized also regional training in eleven regions in Slovenia and professional training ofmultipliers for the implementation of the program “Successful integration of immigrant children”, which consist of 3 Modules.

Module 1: “Preparing the school environment and integrating immigrant children”

  • Mojca Jelen Madruša – Documents and legal bases
  • Mojca Jelen Madruša – Didactic methodical adjustments
  • Marijanca Ajša Vižintin – The development of intercultural competence begins with teachers
  • Marijanca Ajša Vizintin – Intercultural school is being co-created by everyone
  • Patrizia Rupnik – Preparing an individual e-IP program and monitoring the progress of the immigrant student
  • Patrizia Rupnik, Mojca Jelen Madruša – Enrollment for immigrant pupils at the Elementary School Koper
  • Vanja K. Kišasondi, Nevija Muženič – Continuing course for immigrant students
  • Mojca Jelen Madruša – Preparing room
  • Dr. Sonja Rutar – Linking learning performance with process and structural indicators

Module 2: “Mother tongue and the way of learning Slovene”

  • Dr. Dragica Haramija – Children’s and Youth Literature
  • Mag. Barbara Baloh – Encouraging children’s narration in a multilingual and multicultural environment
  • Dr. Marijanca Ajša Vižintin – Organization of the teaching of mother tongue and culture of immigrant children

Module 3: “Intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity for successful integration into life”

  • Mag. Blanka Tacer – Team coaching
  • Nevenka Alja Gerl – Intercultural dialogue
  • Ivana Čančar – Interculturalism as a pedagogical didactic principle
  • Ivana Čančar – Work in a multicultural classroom – interculturalism as a pedagogical didactic principle
  • Dr. Marijanca Ajša Vižintin – The most common mistakes in involving children of immigrants
  • Dr. Marijanca Ajša Vizintin – Model of intercultural education and education
  • Mag. Sonja Filipič-Leading as a tool for integrating immigrant pupils into a new living environment
  • Ksenija Popošek – Intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity for successful integration into life

More information is available in Slovene and English.

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