BanHate – a German App against hate postings

“BanHate” is a mobile app against hate postings, which has been published by the antidiscrimination centre Steiermark. It is an application software that makes the rapid and unbureaucratic reporting of hate postings possible. Especially in the social media, the inhibition threshold seems to be scarcely present when it comes to discrimination.

To report a hate posting in a correctly documented way was so far a rather inconvenient undertaking. With “BanHate”, the reporting now works with just a few clicks: The discriminating hate posting is documented with the discrimination grounds, screenshot and link and then automatically forwarded to the anti-discrimination site Styria. There the postings are examined legally and in the case of discrimination reported to the respective Provider with the request to delete. There may also be a report to the police.

You want more information? Find it here (in German)!

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