Call for participants: RAN Mental Health Meeting “P/CVE and Mental Health Support Online”

This is an online meeting that will take place on 18-19 November 2020 (09:00-12:30 both days)

For the RAN Health Working Group meeting on ‘P/CVE and mental health support online’ we are currently looking for suitable participants.


In the Handbook on mental health and radicalisationSearch for available translations of the preceding linkEN••• it has been indicated that online space might present an incubation environment for radicalisation as an individual might be readily exposed to radicalizing material and access extremist websites. Yet, as it has often been mentioned during RAN meetings, this same space may also provide one of the most efficient ways to effectively interfere and prevent radicalisation, utilizing online mental health support.  

Call for participants

We are currently looking for mental health and social media specialists, online youth, family and community workers, marketing, local health and safety specialists who would like to share their thoughts and experiences on online mental health support.


If you are interested in participating at this meeting, could you please elaborate on these questions on 19 October the latest by sending your answers to

We will invite participants based on this information. Please keep in mind that we only have a limited number of places available for this meeting, so participation is not guaranteed.  


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