“Let’s Argue!” – Online Workshop in German, 11-12th November

To talk to each other about controversial and emotional topics, and also to take a clear position against populists – but also to perceive the little populist in ourselves: that is the core of this workshop. Especially in times when crises can lead to the absolutisation of one’s own opinion and thus also to a division of society, it is important to focus on a free and pluralistic society and to strengthen diversity as a resource for a lively coexistence.

The aim of the two-part workshop is to encourage you to take part in discussions on polarising issues. In an action-oriented way, you will learn how to counter populist slogans in the training. The workshop consists of theoretical introductions as well as interactive parts in which you will work actively in small groups.

The workshop is free of charge. Attendance is limited. Registrations are possible until 5th November.

More information (in German) is available here.

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