ACF: Active Citizens Fund


The ACF supports Slovak civic organizations in engaging citizens in decision-making and public policy making, in efforts to create better conditions for good governance, to protect human rights and to provide civic education and to improve the position of vulnerable groups in society. Particular attention is paid to young people and their participation in public affairs.

The cross-cutting priorities of the program are aimed to support bilateral co-operation between Slovak organizations and partners from donor countries and to develop capacities as well as to improve the position of civic organizations in society.

Between 2018 and 2023, the ACF will allocate 7.7 million EUR in 17 grant calls for projects of Slovak civic organizations.

The aim of the thematic focus on protecting human rights and promoting civic education: The aim of the ACF is to provide 2,000 students with human rights education and training in the field of human rights for 225 professionals, notably teachers, but also public officials. In addition, the program will focus on influencing attitudes of target groups towards minorities, for example in the context of the Roma minority and on gender equality issues, among other things by supporting activities to eliminate hate speech and negative stereotypes. The ACF will also support information campaigns on human rights, equal treatment, gender equality (including gender-based violence), on both local and regional level. The program will support at least 10 organizations that focus their activities on mitigating intolerance.

  • Problems identified
  • Solutions applied
    They provide grants to the civic associations in Slovakia, among them the associations dealing with radicalisation of youth, or mitigating intolerance.
  • Results achieved
    Vulnerable groups support, protecting human rights and promoting civic education

More information about the good practice is available here.

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