Radical Online Education (ROE)

Radical Online Education (ROE) is KA2 Strategic Partnership project financed by Danish NA for Erasmus + program. It is long term (18 months) project including partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, and Austria. Project ROE is aiming to provide youth workers with the necessary knowledge and tools to help young people to develop their critical thinking skills.

The main aim of the consortium is to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge and tools to help young people develop their critical thinking skills as many of them are exposed to radical propaganda and often make an improper use of internet. Youth workers will be able to provide positive online counter-narratives, recognizing online negative messages and encourage intercultural dialogue and personal exchanges between young people as a key method of building resilience to extremist propaganda.

ROE pursue two lines of actions to tackle the growing radicalization of youth throughout Europe:

  • In the first line, we will design and realize an e-learning training programme (IO1) to help youth workers harness the potential of digital media tools and to recognize and interpret signs of radicalization, to promote the creation of online counter-narratives, and to make available easily accessible alternative messages that stimulate critical thinking.
  • The second line, we will develop a digital guide of best practice (IO2) which will include expertise in the field of preventing radicalization, all the exchange of information and ideas among the partners of the project, strategies and suggestions on how to face online radicalization, and how youth workers should encourage critical thinking among young people about extremist messages.

More information is available in English.

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