The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft religiös begründeter Extremismus (BAG RelEx) promotes and supports the nationwide networking of civic actors who are committed to sustainable prevention and deradicalisation in the field of religiously based extremism. Through its 33 member organisations, BAG RelEx contributes many years of experience in the field of prevention work. The focus is on working against islamic extremism, which is why BAG RelEx, together with other organisations, founded the competence network “Islamistischer Extremismus (KN:IX)”. But BAG RelEx also deals with other forms of extremism.

As an umbrella organisation of civic organisations involved in the prevention of extremism, BAG RelEx offers various forms for different target groups. The primary target group is the practitioners of prevention work in the field of religiously based extremism. Another target group is the expert public, which includes professionals, multipliers, representatives of regular structures and security authorities. Furthermore, BAG RelEx represents the interests of civic organisations towards politicians, academics and administrators.

BAG RelEx recommends a regular exchange within the network in order to quickly and flexibly develop new services based on actual needs. Success was often shown when old models were deviated from and new concepts were applied.

“Prevention work is a macro-social task. The concrete design of services must always be oriented towards needs and local characteristics. This is the only way to ensure meaningful and, above all, sustainable prevention work. At the same time, prevention work also faces the challenge of preventing further stigmatisation of the target group of the prevention work.” – Charlotte Leikert (BAG RelEx)

More information is availagle in German and English:

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