DNE – Diagnostisch-therapeutisches Netzwerk Extremismus


Das Diagnostisch-therapeutische Netzwerk Extremismus (DNE) provides advice from a psychological perspective to the professionals of EXIT-Deutschland and the Beratungsstelle HAYAT, who advise families and relatives of radicalized persons as well as those leaving extremist groups and movements. The topics covered are Islamism, right-wing extremism and ultranationalism, left-wing extremism, other extremist ideological-political-religious movements and relevant anti-freedom religious groups and movements.


  • Consultative advice and case-related specialist information for expert institutions and associated professionals.
  • Support for affected families and relatives through consultative advice and relevant case-related information, talks and psychological counselling for those leaving radical circumstances who want to make efforts to distance themselves. Therefore, they consult for medical-psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy, social or family therapy, other forms of help.
  • Psychological support for dropouts, relatives and their helpers through basic psychological counseling in dropout processes.

More information is available in German:
Website: https://www.dne-deutschland.de/

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