Guidelines: Bridging – Intergenerational Talk

The “Bridging guide” aims to improve the relationship and communication between parents and children with a Moroccan background. With the help of this methodology sons and their fathers and daughters and their mothers discuss topics related to parenting and religion.

The desired results are for example:

  • To improve the relationship between parents and children
  • To contribute to the development of a positive identity of a child
  • To increase the resilience of youngsters against extremism
  • To strengthen parenting skills; e.g. being able to have an open conversation about taboo topics

The approach consists of a separate meeting for youngsters, a separate meeting for parents and a meeting for youngsters and parents. In these meetings the following topics are discussed: communication about parenting, religion, social control, de position of women, the role of the mosque and values and norms of a democratic society. Different tools have been used during these discussion meetings, e.g. showing a short film, playing a quiz, watching a performance or having a debate. The ultimate aim is to prevent radicalization of youngsters with a Muslim background. By enabling parents to help youngsters in their search for identity and meaning youngsters can be made more resilient against extremist ideologies. Open and supporting communication is an important factor in preventing and countering radicalization. Bridging is designed for children from the age of 15.

More information is available in Dutch.

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