Diamant is a training provided by certified trainers with an educational background to adolescents with a Muslim background that are vulnerable to radicalization or delinquency. The training aims to increase the confidence of adolescents, to build a positive identity and make adolescents more resilient against extremism and criminality. The trainings are given to a group of adolescents. They receive individual coaching on the side.

The training consists of three components:

  • The first component focuses on developing a positive identity and accepting people that have other beliefs than the adolescents.
  • The second component focuses on increasing the ability of the adolescents to think and make decisions independently.
  • The third component focuses on the ability to solve conflicts and deal with negative emotions and feelings of being treated unjust.

The trainers make use of multiple methods, such a role play and counter-narratives. The training is completed by organizing a group activity in which the participants bring their developed skills into practice. They for instance give a presentation to an audience or organize a group discussion with representatives from the municipality.

The main purpose of Diamant is to:

  • Strengthen the resilience of Muslim adolescents against extremism
  • Increase the confidence of Muslim adolescents
  • Contributing to a positive identity of Muslim adolescents

More information is available in Dutch.

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