DERAD – Extremismusprävention, Dialog und Demokratie


DERAD is an Austrian organization founded in 2015 and dedicated to extremism prevention. The organization provides support for imprisoned extremists (also after release from prison) and provides educational measures for prison officers. Furthermore, DERAD provides various offers for private individuals and institutions. The target groups of these offers are educators, police officers, the justice system, social workers and students.

For DERAD’s target group, the organizations offer various educational services in the form of packages. These packages highlight various radical issues, their identifying characteristics and reasons. The first package educates about Salafism, political Salafiya and Jihadism. The second package addresses migration issues with a focus on religion, identity, and Islam. The third package addresses political extremism, Salafism, Jihadism, exclusion of groups of people, and peace potentials, human diversity, and glorification of violence. The fourth package addresses Anti-Semitism, Anti-Judaism and Muslim-Jewish dialogue. The fifth and final package addresses conspiracy theories, conspiracy narratives, and fake news.

More information on DERAD is available in German language:

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