Extremism Counselling and Information Centre

The Extremism Information Centre is a nationwide point of contact that offers help if relatives, social workers, teachers, or other persons are worried, that someone might have joined an extremist group. They offer information and advice concerning questions on extremism (politically or religious motivated extremism such as right-wing extremism or jihadism).

The Extremism Information Centre offers a nationwide hotline that is free of charge and consists of a multi-professional team with consulting experience. It is the first point of contact for people seeking help. In addition to the hotline, there is an advisory body of a mobile team whose employees are trained for crisis intervention.

Since October 2020, the Information Centre also offers a Podcast in German language. Among other things, the podcast deals with conspiracy theories and extremist ideas.

The centre is the first point of contact for people seeking help in the counselling centre in five languages (German, Turkish, English, Arabic and Persian)

More information on the the Information Centre and its offers are available here.

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