Eurotopia – Creating Counternarratives and Combating Extremism

Participation in culture can be a tool to highlight diverse stories and narratives and stimulate people to become global citizens who fight against racism and hate crimes.

This project aims to produce 21 short films (in all languages of the Partnership) to capture how different people are affected by the rise of right wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism in Europe. The purpose is to create further understanding on how we can counteract recruitment, humanize victims and children, and also emphasize the important work role models against extremism are doing daily. Additionally a call-to-action campaign is designed, to engage adolescents to describe how we can live in a safer and better Europe for all.

The target groups for the project are:

  • Former extremists with no criminal record
  • Victims of terrorist attacks and of hate crimes
  • Role models who work against extremism
  • Children who will talk about their vision for a better Europe in the future

More information is available in English. Videos will be available in Dutch, French, Italian and Swedish.

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