The People For Change Foundation (Several Projects)

The People for Change Foundation’s vision is of a just, fair and inclusive society where all members may reach their full potential unhindered by factors such as age, race, colour, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national origin, property, birth or other status. Since 2007, they have been conducting on-the-ground legal and policy research in Malta in the fields of migration, asylum and racism in the European Union. They also work in the areas of children’s rights and development and humanitarian aid.

The People for Change Foundation is currently working on a number of projects, like:

  • SHELTER – Support and Advice Through Health System for Hate Crimes Victims: SHELTER seeks to tackle the under-reporting of hate crime through engagement with the health system. It aims to strengthen the medical and psycho-social care provided to victims of hate crime by healthcare services, to facilitate the access to assistance, protection, and specialised support services for victims of hate crime, and to incorporate national health institutions into the support structures.
  • EWSI – European Website on Integration: ​The website provides up-to-date information and good practices on migrant integration in Europe for policy-makers and practitioners. EWSI is a European Commission initiative and falls under the responsibility of the Directorate-General Home Affairs.
  • Report Racism Malta: The project addresses the under-reporting of discriminatory incidents by creating an easy-to-use mechanism for communicating incidents of racial discrimination. It provides an avenue for reporting incidents to individual victims (or witnesses) of discrimination and racism and will offer guidance in cases where cases may be taken forward and remedies accessed.
  • ComeIn / COMMUNITY: Interactive and Creative Approaches to Discover Different Cultures: ​The audio-visual project introduces creative and artistic integration activities and strategies for refugees and migrants. The project partners organise workshops with the aim of empowering participants to use art and photography to present their experience of integration in the respective host countries, with an exciting opportunity to present their work in an (online) exhibition.
  • THACAS – Tackling Hate Crime and Hate Speech: With a view to addressing the under-reporting of hate crime and hate speech, this project uses insights from in-depth research to build mutual learning and exchange of practices in particular through the development of training and other tools for promoting the reporting of these crimes. Spanning across five EU countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta and Lithuania), the project seeks to identify the gaps and challenges for joint action to counter hate crime and to understand the different approaches the participating states have taken towards hate crime and hate speech.
  • DARE – Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality: ​The Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality Project contributes to an enhanced understanding of why and how young people become radicalised, that is adopt radical ideologies with the potential for violent action. It does so through conceptual innovation and refinement based on new empirical research on young people’s encounters with messages and agents of radicalisation, their receptivity and responses to them and the paths they subsequently take. The project also seeks to demonstrate that radicalisation is not located exclusively in any one religion, community, or demographic.

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