HEADS-UP improves the skills of front-line workers through trainings and a series of simulated videos that explicitly demonstrate online threats. This practical, user friendly set of resources will enable educators to support young adults more effectively by teaching them how to identify and address potential radicalisation and grooming tactics.

Online threats must not be underestimated!
While the internet is the most important platform for communication, entertainment and information, it also provides unlimited opportunities for (sexual) predators, political or religious fanatics and groups with hateful ideologies. Especially extremist organisations have developed sophisticated strategies to radicalise, recruit and train young people.

Terrorist organisations are experts in engaging with these sympathisers by developing a relationship, often ‘love bombing’ the individual with positive and encouraging messages and fostering a sense of belonging and community. Like marketing companies, these organisations will research profiles, identifying age, background and interests then use the information to befriend and manipulate the targeted person. 

These are all issues that front-line educators and youth workers are expected to address. Young adults need support in any type of education but the vast and ever developing online world poses many challenges and potential dangers.

For the beginning, just have a look at the videos:

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