Interventions by Mentors and Parent Coaches

The Danish prevention model is based on the fact that extremism has a range of negative consequences. Extremism not only causes terrorism, violence, threats, vandalism and other hate driven crime; it also harms the social well-being and the personal development of individuals.

In cases where prevention and disengagement efforts are relevant, the pertinent authority – e.g. the municipality in collaboration with one or more others – carries out a supportive intervention.

Tailor made interventions: The intervention must build on the resources of the person in question and address the needs and risk factors of the person, as identified in the assessment made in Info-house Municipality. The intervention will often be based on the legal possibilities provided in social, employment, health and other relevant legislations to give the individual a tailor made support and, where relevant, also involving parents or others in the persons network.

Mentors and parent coaches: One possible element in the supportive intervention is a mentor or parent coach. In partnership with a range of municipalities, the Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism has established a nationwide corps of mentors and parent coaches, specially trained to work with at-risk individuals and their relatives.

The mentors and parent coaches are trained in the method Solution Focused Work with Life Skills which consists of three methodological elements:

  • Balanced assessment of concerns and resources
  • Life Skills and Life Psychology
  • Solution-focused dialogue principles

More information is available in English and Danish.

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