Street Art Against Extremism

The aim of this project is to unite people from different cultures in working towards a common goal. This project involves creating original artwork on a wall in a public space, such as a public school.

The workshop has to start with an open discussion, and it should involve the participation of a whole classroom or group. The artist, alongside the teachers or group leader, discusses street art, explaining that it can serve as a powerful tool for sharing a message with a broad audience over a long period of time in the public sphere. The talk should inspire the group: ‘The message will last, so let’s find one!’.

From this starting point, debate should be encouraged amongst participants, to determine what kind of message to put on the wall, i.e. which values it is important to share and promote. But beyond this, the project stimulates the consideration and realisation of key values that matter most when people live in a multicultural society: tolerance, love, hope, resilience and community.

The debate will build the foundation for the artist to create an artwork that will then be realised by the whole group. This project can be realized with an all-inclusive audience. Age, cultural heritage, social standing or financial circumstances of the participants are not of importance – a diverse group even can lead to better artwork.

Information is available in English.

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