Jugendschutz.net is the joint competence centre of the Federal Government for the protection of children and young people in the internet, which was founded in 1997. Jugendschutz.net researches dangers and risks in youth-oriented services. It calls on providers and operators to design their offers in such a way that children and young people can use them without worry. The problem with using the internet is that Islamist offers on the internet are often designed to appeal to young people.

In order to counteract the problem, Jugendschutz.net wants to raise awareness on the topic. This includes continuous monitoring of right-wing extremist and Islamist content on the internet. In addition, illegal content is reported to the platforms. Also, Jugendschutz.net publishes regular issue papers.

More information is available in English and German.
Website: https://www.jugendschutz.net

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