Kick It Out (Tackling Racism and Discrimination)

Kick It Out works with the football authorities, professional clubs, players, fans, and communities to tackle all forms of discrimination. The campaign has been pivotal in persuading and supporting the game’s stakeholders to take their equality responsibilities seriously.

Core aims are to:

  • Promote awareness of the benefits of equality, inclusion, diversity policies and practices in football. 
  • Expose and challenge all aspects of discrimination and unfair practices and conduct at all levels of football. 
  • Share information about good practices being pursued to achieve equality and fair outcomes.
  • Support individuals, groups, clubs, and authorities to effect actions themselves to achieve equality and fair outcomes. 
  • Develop a wider awareness and acceptance of Kick It Out’s activities and its enabling and facilitating roles as a contributory force for good in football.

The strategic objectives are to:

  • significantly increase the awareness of inclusion and diversity, and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour across all levels of football (the voice of ethical football). 
  • To actively share good practice, critical actions, and partnership working to empower and support football organisations to develop their own responsibility towards greater equity and fairness. 
  • To clearly show the importance of exposing inequalities and the positive value and impact that can be made through collective preventative action. 

More information is available in English.

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