Stand Up! – Education Against Discrimination

Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination empowers young people in mainstream schools to learn about and act against discrimination, racism, antisemitism, and anti-Muslim hatred, whilst developing their social responsibility in the community. The Stand Up! Workshops empower young people to think critically and to stand up against all forms of hatred and bullying.

The programme aims to:

  • assess the base knowledge of students around issues of discrimination, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred in the framework of protected characteristics
  • To use definitions, historical events and current examples of hate crime to enhance students’ baseline knowledge
  • To educate and provide practical strategies (such as reporting) to counter different categories of hate crime by using current CST and Tell Mama research and incident reports that relate to young people
  • For students to gain a more comprehensive understanding and feel empowered towards their civic responsibility in society

More information is available in English.

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