MKC – The Multicultural Centre in Prague

The Multicultural Centre Prague (MKC) is a non-profit organisation engaged in the pursuit of educational and research activities in the fields of international migration, social inclusion of Roma, and global development. The centre strives for a society based on respect for human rights, political equality, and the reduction of social inequalities. The MKC offers several educational, cultural, and informational activities on a regular basis.

Currently the MKC participates in two European project partnerships: “SIRIUS: Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in European Labour Market” and “European Web Site on Integration” (more information on both projects).

The MKC regularly organizes activities, seminars, and workshops, such as:

  • Together against racism: the fight against anti-gypsy myths, hate speech, and the change of public discourse on the Roma. There are available methodological manuals for intercultural workshops at secondary schools at:
  • Stop Hate Speech – workshops for teachers: In the workshops, the question will answered what hate speech is, why it is important to talk about it and how it can be prevented. At the same time, participants will also receive methodological support for lessons.
  • BRICkS – Building Respect on the Internet by Combating Hate Speech explores the opportunities offered by modern technologies for empowering young people to take an active role in fighting online racist and xenophobic speech.
  • I as a Stereotypist: The intercultural seminar focuses on stereotypes, prevention of racism and xenophobia. The target groups of this seminar are mainly teachers, trainers and students.
  • Simulation game for pedagogical staff: “In our city, they are going to build a mosque?!”: Workshop aims to build dialogue, supports discussion and pluralism of opinions.
  • Together against xenophobia is an educational project. It aims at empowerment of young people and supporting them in getting active in their community with their own small-scale-projects.

Information on further activities of the MKC is available in English and Czech.

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