The Varianty programme exists since 2001. Its vision is for schools to be open to all children alike and to guide their pupils towards understanding correlations, global responsibilities, and respect for others.

Logo Varianty

The programme provides informational and methodological support, educational courses, didactic materials, professional consultation and assistance to schools and teachers in the field of inclusive education, intercultural, education and education for global development. It also promotes systemic changes in these areas, which should aid the overall education system in being inclusive and able to better react to the challenges of the modern world.

Variantys goal is for schools:

  • to guarantee quality education based on an individual approach to the needs of every child.
  • to produce open-minded, active and tolerant citizens who behave responsibly towards nature and people around the world.

The programme offers one-session and long-term courses for teachers, school management, teaching assistants and students in all fields of pedagogy. The courses cover encouraging collective education, education towards global responsibility, encouraging active citizenship, developing communication at school and modern tuition methods.

Varianty also provides schools long-term methodological support and advice in these areas. It encourages the sharing of experience and good practices among teachers and teaching assistants.

The programme produces methodological and tuition materials covering topics such as global development education, developing active citizenship, and working with pupils with special educational needs. We also conduct expert analysis and research in these areas. Varianty also holds an annual comics competition for students of primary and secondary schools called “Bohouš and Dáša change the world. Join in!”. It encourages students to express their opinions about current problems around the world through the comic created by them.

More information is available in Czech and English.

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