Network: Mothers for Life

Mothers for Life is a unique global network of parents who have experienced violent jihadist radicalization in their own families. In most cases, the parents in the network have seen their sons and daughters leaving for Syria and Iraq and in many cases never to return. Sometimes other family members have radicalized as well.

All parents in the network have come together to share the burden of having seen how radicalization processes can destroy the emotional bonds within a family and feeling helpless when confronted with such a process and loss. Mothers for Life aims to give these parents a strong voice around the world and to provide them with the safety of a secure network of other families who share those experiences and can help to heal the wounds. The network also aims to coordinate activities and provide guidance and counsel to families who are part of it. Membership is of course free of any charge. Mothers for life circulate information, help to get in touch with parents and families in close proximity or help with handling any other requests. Mothers for Life also aims to create strong and convincing counter narratives.

If you are a parent or family affected by violent jihadi radicalization in your midst, if you are afraid about what can happen, how to get help and advice, whom to trust or what to do, the network can offer:

  • Getting you in touch with dedicated and trained counsellors in your country specialized in counterradicalization and deradicalization,
  • Connection with other families in your country to talk about your fears and emotions, to see that you are not alone and to hear from other families and the way they handled the situation,
  • Help you to understand what is happening in your family by providing an assessment of the situation and explanation about the potential reasons and motivations behind the radicalization process
  • Suggest specific ways forward

More information is available in English, French and German.

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