Radicalization Helpline

The Radicalization Helpline is an independent Helpline that offers advice and support to parents and family members that are concerned about a family member that is (possibly) radicalizing. The Helpline offers support by phone and in case additional support is needed it appoints a confidential mediator. The Helpline also organizes meetings to increase the awareness and knowledge on radicalization among communities. In addition, the Helpline organizes peer meetings for family members of foreign terrorist fighters.  

The Helpline lowers the threshold for parents or family members to seek help by remaining independent (the Helpline has no connection to any governmental institution) and by appointing confidential mediators with similar backgrounds as those who are looking for support. The confidential mediators are volunteers that support parents or family members in their search for a solution. The Helpline matches these mediators with the parent or family member on basis of a similar ethnic background, gender, and place of residence. The aim is to build trust between the mediator and parent or family member as soon as possible.

More information is available in Dutch.

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