Diversion (Teaching Concept)

The Diversion teaching approach consists of a lesson to high school students on the news on Islamic State (IS). The lesson consists of the following: 

  1. Show an introductory video
  2. Make a mind map. Ask students what comes to their mind when discussing this topic? What is their opinion about it?
  3.  Show different films in which the subject is viewed from different perspectives. For example:

Advice for the trainer: 

  • Leave room for youngsters to question and explore their own values and vision. Explore with them in a critical manner.
  • Ask neutral questions
  • Encourage empathy, by for instance sharing personal stories or organizing a debate
  • Do not refute the worldview but extend it.
  • Spend time in class on assessing the reliability of media together
  • See yourself as facilitator, not as coach or educator

Agree on clear conversation rules upfront and repeat these during the lesson.

More information is available in Dutch.

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