Speak up! Speak Out! (Report Racism Malta)

The project aims to address the under-reporting of discriminatory incidents by creating an easy-to-use mechanism for communicating incidents of racial discrimination. Report Racism Malta will provide an avenue for reporting incidents to individual victims of discrimination and racism and will offer guidance in cases where cases may be taken forward and remedies accessed.

The aim is to combat racism and related discrimination in Malta by supporting victims of such incidents in communicating their experience and collect enough data to fill in the gaps in this area of research and understand what the situation in Malta is like. Through this initiative, the “People for a Change Foundation” aims to work with people who have faced discrimination in order to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of racism in Malta and to provide an accessible option for individuals wishing to report racist incidents in Malta.

  • To tackle the problem of underreporting,
  • To provide a system for individuals who have been victims of racism to be able to report such incidents,
  • To develop a clearer picture of the state of racism and racist violence in Malta, helping to simultaneously build an understanding of and narrow the information gap in the area; and informing policy developments in the field,
  • To produce a research report that engages with reported cases of instances of racism in Malta and develop evidence-based policy recommendations for improving equality measures in Malta,
  • To explore the viability of a European system of reporting racist incidents.

More information is available in English.

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