Teacher’s Guide on Prevention of Violent Extremism

This is the first Guide for Teachers on Preventing Violent Extremism through Education issued by UNESCO. This document was developed in a direct response to the needs of UNESCO member states to increase assistance to countries seeking to strengthen the education sector in addressing issues of violent extremism, including human rights education programs with respect to national contexts.

The role of education in preventing violent extremism and de-radicalizing young people has only recently gained global acceptance. An important step in this direction was the launch in December 2015 made by UN Secretary-General’s Plan of Action to prevent violent extremism, which recognizes the importance of quality education to address the drivers of this phenomenon.

Along with this guide, technical guidance had been developed by the education policy-makers within national ministries of education. This guidance seeks to provide countries with a set of resources that can help build and reinforce national capacities to address the drivers of violent extremism through holistic and pragmatic education sector-wide responses. As such, it can be used as it is, or considered as a prototype to be further contextualized, adapted and translated in order to respond to the specific needs of learners.

The publication can be downloaded in several languages from the unesco website.

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