Partners for Democratic Change

PDCS (Partners for Democratic Change) is a non-governmental organization providing professional education and facilitation services, consultancy, and counselling in the field of conflict resolution, support of social dialogue, civic participation, and the development of civil society in Slovakia and abroad. Their overall goal is working on the capability of people to talk to each other.

PDCS has been working in an international partnership in the area of conflict resolution and prevention for twenty years now. Selected examples of their projects are e.g.:

  • CEE Prevent NET: This project aims at safeguarding young people by strengthening their resilience towards the phenomenas of intolerance, discrimination, and group hatred in Europe.
  • European Network for Non-violence and Dialogue: In this program, they focus on conflicts that currently attract attention of European media and public and hence steer public discussions, opinions, and form values among citizens. PDCS aims to create a functional network that becomes a counterbalance to the diverging direction of Central and Eastern Europe from the ideals and values that frame the project of a united Europe. They also aim to create a network of civil society organizations and individuals active in intervening in value conflicts and de-radicalisation with the purpose of learning from each other, collecting tested conflict intervention approaches, supporting each other’s interventions, and organizing public campaigns promoting common goals and values.
  • Project “Grey”: The goal of this project is to reinforce the societal voices and, thereby, tackle polarization as well as the processes of radicalization that arise from it. Grey aims to oppose online and offline polarization by amplifying the opinions of the “grey middle”.

More information is available in Slovak only.

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