Trojan T-Shirts (Exit Deutschland)

This is an example which shows how to get in touch directly with right-wing extremists and to generate uncertainty in the right-wing scene. It is also an example how broad discussions can be stimulated specifically in social media.

T-Shirts were distributed free of charge at a right-wing rock festival “Rock for Germany” by a German right-wing political party. The party had accepted the T-Shirts as a donation of an assumed supporter. Those who took the T-Shirts had a surprise at home, because the clothes revealed their true purpose: the print with a skull, the inscription “Hardcore Rebels” and waved flags disappeared after the first washing and a message became visible: “You can what your shirt can  – We help you to get away from right-wing extremism. EXIT-Germany “. The action was broadly discussed in media and gained extraordinary attention in social media, which is one of the most important communication channels of the right-wing scene.

This action can be included in teaching units as an example of coping with right-wing extremism in a most targeted way. 

More information is available in German.

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