Trust but Verify

Trust but verify aims at fighting extremism on internet. There is a dangerous trend of interconnection between alternative and far-right websites and organizations. This makes extreme content not only more sophisticated and difficult to identify but also affects much larger sections of the population. This is particularly dangerous to young people, who are still shaping their opinions and are searching for alternatives during the global economic crisis.

Trust but verify helps via informal education to create capacity for recognition of extremist content, manipulation of alternative media and the ability to verify information in the online area, thereby preventing radicalization and extremism of youth. The publication can be ordered for free. It contains short and precise tips on how to defend yourself and how to verify information.

Some of the topics, which are being discussed in the publication are:

  • Extremism on the Internet: What we can and what we cannot do (Support and promotion of movements aimed at suppressing rights and freedoms, Extremist material, Jail for Facebook post)
  • Material for Teachers: How to Respond to Extremism?
  • Methodological guide for the teachers on how to use this publication at school.

The whole publication can be downloaded in Slovak here.

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