Violence Prevention Network


Violence Prevention Network was founded in 2004 and since then has offered prevention and deradicalisation work in the areas of right-wing extremism and Islamism. The target group of Violence Prevention Network are people at all stages of radicalisation and those who are affected, as well as young people who should be educated preventively.

Their offers are as varied as their target groups. They offer consultation for parents, family members, social institutions, prisons and political institutions. According to Violence Prevention Network, while direct communication with young people is common, intentional communication is not, which is why the organisation offers training for different stakeholders on how to intervene appropriately. They also offer workshops for different institutions to educate about extremism and recruitment strategies, as well as developing options for young people to act when they show signs of radicalisation. Other goals are to disenchant the phenomenon of jihadism and to strengthen young people’s ability to distance themselves from extremism. In addition to these activities, the organisation is active in deradicalization work for prisons, assists exit processes, publishes research on the topic and runs various projects.

More information is available in English and German:

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