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Ufuq.de has been a registered association in Germany since 2007 and is active as an independent organisation in youth welfare, political education and prevention work. The Germany-wide offers of Ufuq.de are dealing with the topics of Islam, Islamophobia and Islamism, and are directed towards educators, teachers and employees of public agencies.

Consulting and training for prevention work: Ufuq.de offers consulting and training for staff in schools, educational institutions, administrations, associations and political bodies. In particular, the aim is to strengthen the competence of institutions in dealing with young people’s religiousness. This includes dealing with Anti-Muslim racism and raising awareness of how to addresses religious extremist actors.

  • Workshops: The workshops of Ufuq.de are localised at schools and extracurricular institutions on the topics of religion, racism and religiously based extremism. The workshops are addressed to young people and are conducted in the form of peer-education.
  • Materials and handouts: Ufuq.de also offers various materials on topics such as radicalisation, discrimination and Islamophobia, etc., which are based on their experiences from consulting, project work with young people and further training. These includes materials such as handouts, videos and posts on social media.
  • Web-portal on pedagogical practice on Islam, Islamophobia and Islamism: The web-portal is primarily designed for teachers, educators and social workers and offers a transfer of knowledge between research and pedagogical practice.

More information is available in German:
Website: https://www.ufuq.de/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ufuq.de
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ufuq_de/

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