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This music program, which is aimed at Prevention of risk behavior has been going on successfully since 2011, when it was created with support of the Government Commissioner for Human Rights Monika Šimůnková.

Radoslav “Gipsy” Banga shares his personal story and his experiences with pupils and students and motivates them to pursue an active and meaningful life without violence, drug abuse, xenophobia, racism, intolerance, aggression, criminality and other variants of risky behavior. It is approximately a 2-hour program full of original songs, which enhance the atmosphere and add complement the individual themes. Radoslav Banga, also known under the pseudonym of Gipsy, is a rapper, musician, singer, and lyricist of Roma origin.

Why is the program unique and why it is effective:

  • Radoslav Banga has an extraordinary life story, talent and the ability to reach to the young generation. He can be a unique motivation for everyone who feels any cause of disability, but on the other hand also contributes to decrease intolerance and prejudice.
  • The mediation of information by a well-known person is very attractive for children and young people,
  • The selected form (music with accompanying words) is easy to accept for this age group
  • Knowledge gained through experience is memorable for a long time and easy to recall
  • Personal experiences and positive examples are often more impressive than mere theories
  • This is not a one-time event, the methodology and worksheets allow teachers and pupils to systematically follow up on the program and work with it in the long term

The program wants to strengthen the young generation’s belief that the future is in our hands. And that every individual has the right and the opportunity to change his/her situation and the world for the better, and to live a meaningful and satisfied life. The project aims to inspire students to a positive, healthy lifestyle, to guide them in the right and safe way to solve stressful situations, to contribute to a favorable psychosocial climate at school and to the formation of students’ civic attitudes. It can be beneficial to many subjects – Civic Education, Health Education, Geography, Information and Communication Technologies, and Social Sciences at Secondary Schools.

More information is available in Czech only.

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