“Internet without hate” – Campaign from the Slovak Republic

With the Internet Without Hate campaign, the Slovak Republic joined the No Hate speech movement organized by the Council of Europe. In the campaign, three publications have been published to help teachers and the public to fight internet hatred and human rights violations.

The idea behind this campaign has come from the ever-increasing hate speech on the Internet, whether through social networks, various targeted websites, or even official media sites or through debates. The need to prevent this form of human rights violation is becoming more and more relevant. It hurts, discriminates, insults and reduces social status.

  • The publication “I’m not a racist, but ..” is a reaction to public anti-Romani discourse, often fed by a lack of knowledge of important data and links about the Roma minority.
  • The publication “Cyberhate – Internet hatred” is a brief guide to the issue of hatred propaganda on the internet, directed especially towards racial, ethnic, sexual and religious minorities. It is primarily intended for civic subjects at secondary schools.
  • The publication “Immigration in Europe and Slovakia: Numbers, Facts, Contexts” focuses on immigrants, multiculturalism and immigration in general.

Download of the above mentioned publications and further information (in Slovakian language) is available at the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

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