School Psychology Educational Counseling – Model and extremism prevention projects from Austria

The “Schulpsychologie Bildungsberatung” (engl. “school psychology educational counseling) platform is a project from the Ministry of Education It offers help, advice and counselling of every school psychological kind for pupils, students and young population as well as for teachers and adults working with the aforementioned groups.

The portal offers information about violance prevention, the Austrian national strategy agains violence, extremism, mobbing, sexual violence ans also about prevention programmes and prevention projects. It also lists information and support services for schools.

Right now you can have a look at about 30 different model projects, many of them dealing with the topics integration, inclusion or prevention. If that number of projects is to high to have a look at, take “Du, ich und der Vuk (engl. You and me and the Vuk)” as an good example. It may be especially interesting, if you are currently looking for a project you can realize together with your students (or any other group of teenagers) which is afordable and even fun.

For more information (in German language) on the various projects, please have a look at the website of the Austrian Ministry of Education.

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