DECOUNT – Preventing Radicalisation with a videogame from Austria

How do radicalization processes actually proceed? And how can we prevent young people from becoming radicalized? The DECOUNT game allows you to reenact radicalization processes and includes instructions for using the game in youth centers or at school.

An accompanying booklet describes how the game can be used well in educational practice, in youth work or school. Suitable teaching materials for upper school students, examples of how the game can be implemented in the classroom and a comprehensive collection of materials are also provided.

The game is not suitable for young people under the age of 16.

Currently the game is available in German only, the English version will be implementet soon (status quo: September 2020)

Edit (2021):
The Game is available in English and German now
Accompanying educational material is available in German

For more information on DECOUNT, please visit

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