BOUNCE is a preventive program that combats violent radicalization at an early stage. BOUNCE helps to strengthen the resilience of (vulnerable) youth in terms of radical influences and raises awareness of their social environment. BOUNCE consists of three tools.

  1. BOUNCE Young has a target group of young people from 12 to 18 years old. These can be both vulnerable and less vulnerable young people. The programs uses situations, feelings and emotions, information and influence, personal identity and affiliation. The program contains a mix of action and thinking. During the training the youth make the relationship between the exercises and their personal experiences.
  2. BOUNCE along is aimed at parents and first-line workers and wants to make them more aware by giving tips, insights, and practical exercises.
  3. BOUNCE up: The target group of the third tool are supervisors and assistants (the future trainers). This tool teaches them how to work with the other two tools, preferably in combination with each other. This train the trainer is a way to secure BOUNCE         

In practice, the tools BOUNCE young and BOUNCE along are often combined with each other, which strengthens the effect. In that case, the participants of BOUNCE along normally are the parents of the youths that participate in BOUNCE young.

More information on Bounce is available in Dutch.

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