Knowledge Platform Integration and Society (KIS)

The programme aims to contribute structurally to a diverse and well-balanced society. Platform Integration & Society selects topics based on its own knowledge and insight next to the need for knowledge expressed by the work field and society in general. In addition to analysis and research, they position facts within their context and link them to successful practice examples: what works? These ‘best practices’ are presented online, in addition to publications, interventions, articles and blogs (in Dutch).

Integration is a broad concept. That is why the programme has been divided into four main themes: new migration, social stability, inclusion & access, and participation. Around these themes they conduct research, organise debates and inform the media, professionals, authorities, and organisations. The four themes are further divided into various projects.

Currently many different topics that can help to prevent youth radicalisation are in the focus of KIS. Some of them are:

  • Refugees
  • Discrimination
  • Polarization and connection
  • Intercultural craftsmanship
  • Diversity policy
  • Integration and civic integration policy
  • Religion
  • European Labour Migrants
  • Education
  • Internship discrimination
  • Social Position of Roma and Sinty

More information is available in Dutch.

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