Dutch Crime Prevention and Security Centre (CCV)

Youth and Safety is the focus of the Dutch Crime Prevention and Security Centre (CCV). The centre provides knowledge, tools, information material, tailor-made and training / workshops. On their website you will find extensive information about 14 different topics, such as youth, youth groups, and youth and radicalization. On the website they provide practical tools, such as:

  1. Matrix early signalling: Early signalling helps to get your hands on problematic and/or delict behaviour at the earliest possible stage. This prevents a young person from slipping from a youth group (further) to criminal behaviour.
  2. Matrix aftercare: The matrix aftercare provides security professionals with an up-to-date overview of the collaborative partners in the process of post-care. The matrix gives a clear overview of the roles, tasks, and responsibilities that the different partners have in a post-care process.
  3. Database addressing youth groups and group behaviour: The youth groups and group behaviour database describes how to deal with inconvenient, annoying, radical and criminal youth groups. All are evaluated by experts on their starting points, effectiveness and applicability. The described approaches serve as an example and inspiration for youth professionals.
  4. Network analysis: This gives “youth-coordinators” a complete picture of the network in which the youth move with their partners. This tool helps to start up a youth approach at both individual and domain and group level. At a glance, you will see what the current or desired effort should be of the different partners that are important in the youth approach.

Local approach youth & safety: Do you want to realize a local approach to youth, or perhaps improve or intensify your current approach? Then start with the overview. It offers practical tips and it helps to give the approach a visible place within the municipality. With these concrete tips you come as a youth and safety professional, to address a specific security theme.

More information is available in Dutch at the CCV.

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