Cultural Participation to Prevent Isolation and Hate (Menuhin Foundation / MUS-E)

Participating in the culture of others and thus creating understanding and acceptance, is one of the main focus points of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. To achieve this, professional artists collaborate with teachers (in primary schools) and embed music, dance, and visual arts into the curriculum. The aim is to stimulate new, creative ways of thinking amongst members of society, and to combat the development of violent racist or socially excluding behaviours and attitudes.


The Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is an active partner in a number of European projects and also organizes the MUS-E® Programme which is active in 13 countries (mostly in Europe). Each national foundation has its own programmes, but some are accessible internationally.

  • MUS-E Programme: Aims at helping children to enjoy school as a place to learn and socialize. It also helps teachers to discover an additional teaching strategy focused on child needs, abilities, cultural background, etc. The programme is based on the premise that children have their own way of processing knowledge and culture, so that if schools are able to leverage this, they become key social agents. The MUS-E programme encourages dialogue and togetherness, while awakening children’s sense of creativity, empathy, and resilience.
  • Further active or finished (international)projects and programmes are accessible. More (national) activities, initiatives and projects are accessible on the various national websites.

National websites from: Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein / Switzerland, Portugal / Spain and Cyprus

More information (in English) is available on the international website of the foundation.

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