Demokratiezentrum Baden-Württemberg (DZBW) Fachstelle PREvent!on


PREvent!on – Fachstelle Prävention von religiös begründetem Extremismus des Demokratiezentrums Baden-Württemberg. The PREvent!on unit addresses the new challenges in educational work with young people in the field of religiously based extremism. The aim is to recognise the signs at an early stage when the democratic value system is abandoned and replaced by simple right/wrong attributions. The centre offers lectures to raise awareness and thematic introductions to religiously based extremism, workshops on the relationship between democracy and religion, qualification as well as advice and support for prevention on the ground. Their target group is broad and is aimed at young people, social institutions, as well as social workers.

PREvent!on cooperates with various Muslim communities and Islamic organisations. Furthermore, they offer assistance to schools when they have difficulties with pupils and want to hand over the task and find solutions. The problem with prevention work is that some institutions understand prevention work as a prejudice for extremism. However, PREvent!on contacts such institutions because they see them as strong cooperation partners, which through they can achieve a special closeness to the young people. The most successful methods according to PREvent!on are qualification modules of professionals and committed people, consultations and various educational offers in youth groups, such as workshops, seminars, etc.


  • Lectures to raise awareness and thematic introduction to religiously based extremism.
  • Workshops on the topic “relationship between democracy and religion”.
  • Qualification as well as counselling and support for prevention on a local base. The qualification imparts knowledge on the topics of Islam, Neo-Salafism, radicalisation and prevention. The participants are enabled to take preventive action against radicalisation, in the context of their everyday work and to interpret corresponding signs. The qualification forms the basis for implementing workshops and simulation acts as a speaker.

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