MIND: Mansour-Initiative für Demokratieförderung und Extremismusprävention GmbH


The Mansour-Initiative für Demokratieförderung und Extremismusprävention GmbH (MIND) is an organisation founded by Ahmad and Beatrice Mansour in 2017. The aim of MIND is to promote democracy and prevent extremism by targeting its work against Muslim-Extremism and Anti-Semitism. The work is directed on the one hand at refugees, people with a migration background and young Muslims, and on the other hand at teachers, educators, social workers, psychologists, security officers and many more.

MIND primarily wants to train young people, who have not learned to reflect, to become mature individuals, who will learn to form their own opinions and accept constructive criticism. For this purpose, MIND offers workshops, trainings, lectures and various projects that deal with the topics of Anti-Semitism, structures of education, gender roles, religion, conspiracy theories and many other topics.

  • In the workshops, MIND focuses on peer education through dialogues at eye level with the participants. The dialogues are shaped by systemic methods of theatre education, in which conflict situations are acted out and possible solutions are shown.
  • MIND’s training courses are addressed to teachers, police officers and prison guards or similar. The goal is to enable them to react professionally to topics such as radicalisation and Islamism in the context of their daily work.
  • MIND’s lectures are primarily designed for major events. These lectures are intended to give impulses, thematic introductions, but also contributions to scientific symposia or panel discussions.

More information is available in German:
Website: https://www.mind-prevention.com/

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