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The Inclusive School is an information portal focused on the inclusion of foreign pupils into the Czech educational system and consists of two parts. The information material on “Foreigners in the School” is mainly directed towards school directors, but it can also be useful for class teachers, foreigners’ coordinators, educational counselors, or prevention methodologists. It shows how the integration of foreigners into the Czech education system works at the level of the state, school, and other organizations. The guidelines “Foreigner in the class”, are intended for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, but will also briefly introduce you to the principles of working with pupils with a different mother tongue and their practical application in specific subjects. In this section of the site you will also find many inspirational teaching materials or integration tips.


Inclusive education is the crucial condition for integration of pupils with a different mother tongue – who belong to the group of pupils with special learning needs, into the mainstream education. You will find information about the principals of inclusive education and practical advice how to work with these pupils. The section titled inclusion in practice offers tips how to work with pupils with a different mother tongue in the mainstream classroom. You can also find downloadable materials here – e.g. vocabulary for specific subjects.

The chapter Materials and tips for specific school subjects summarizes the experience of professionals, gained during their work as supporter for the pupils with a different mother tongue in schools or during their cooperation with the teachers in working groups.

You will find various procedures and work methods which help integrate the multicultural education into the learning process in the section dedicated to this topic. Also, by means of multicultural education you can engage pupils with a different mother tongue to be more involved in the learning process and – as naturally as possible – verbalize their different socio-cultural origin.

More information is available in Czech

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