Me and Them are Us

IN IUSTITIA has developed an educational training programme for elementary schools called “Me and them are us”. The programme focuses on working with prejudices, prevention of racism, stereotypes, promoting active citizenship and strengthening the unity in class and consists of a theoretical and a practical part, including teaching material and worksheets. Additionally, the organization provides legal assistance to individuals exposed to hate violence. It focuses on improving their access to justice. At the same time, it is oriented towards the area of criminal, administrative and civil law.

In the theoretical part, the publication explains the concepts of prejudice, stereotype, hate violence and the effect of the onlookers. Teachers will be offered new methods and will be suggested how to work with the classroom to prevent prejudice, hatred or bullying. In the practical part, there are didactical activities, including the worksheets, which can be used for the areas of multicultural education.

If you are interested in the learning material, you can order it by email. An electronic version is available for download only in Czech language.

The main theme of this material is an active attitude towards the expression of prejudices, racism, and intolerance, as a support for an open democratic society. Today’s children are increasingly confronted with cultural, national, or religious differences. The publication is supposed to help teachers to educate about the skills and attitudes needed to live in a diverse society, such as sensitivity to negative stereotypes about particular groups, revealing their own prejudices, respecting others regardless of their appearance or origin.

The practical part contains didactically elaborated activities related to these terms, including worksheets, which can be used by the teachers to directly involve the topics of Multicultural Education in teaching, as well as to inspire them to work in this area in the school. The presented activities significantly support the value and affective component of learning. We find it very important that pupils and students are not only able to identify sources and manifestations of prejudice, racism and intolerance but, above all, find it purposeful and right to act actively against them.

More information is available in Czech and English.

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